*Disclaimer: This site was just created on 7/30/18.  If you’ve found this anytime near that date, it probably still looks pretty crappy but give me a break, it’s a work in progress.  I encourage you to keep checking back as I continue to populate it and it evolves into what I hope is a decent resource for people to find new and exciting thoughts and ideas (all from others, nothing original yet).  

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This website is an aggregation of the numerous resources I’ve found in the many areas of personal and professional improvement.  Any of the resources that are listed and ones that I have personally read or investigated/used (unless otherwise noted).  It is split up into two major sections: Personal and Business (for now).  any gains you make in your personal life can easily be carried over into your professional life.  Sometimes you’ll see the same resource in both places since many of these tactics can be used in both our personal and professional lives.  I do believe you cannot live a fulfilled life without having an overall, long-term balance in both areas.  Our lives and demands will evolve over the years but we should always seek a long-term equilibrium in all areas of our life.  As I seek this overall balance during this never ending journey, I hope you find greater fulfillment through the wealth of information that is out there as well. 


This section is a mix of high level belief systems and tools that will help provide the foundation for personal fulfillment and then the resources and tactics that will help with the day to day living.  Anything in life should be driven by an overall strategy that is then broken down and implemented according to each individual situation.  


Like our personal lives, there are many key areas of business that transverse all industries.  From strategy setting to leadership development, there are many great resources out there to learn from that include active and former CEO’s and academics.  

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To understand the origins of this website and a little more about me (Tyler Dean), please visit my About/Contact page.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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